headspace | covid-19 : a blessing in disguise

headspace  |  covid-19 : a blessing in disguise

Soo um hello? Hahahaha. It took me 6 months of movement control order, 4 completed Netflix/Amazon Prime binge and a broken phone to finally drag my arse to write on this page. And it feels soo good to be here. Not too sure what pictures will I put on this post tho. Buttt...we'll see!

a cosy weekend to do list

a cosy weekend to do list

I love a busy weekend full of plans but I equally, if not more so, enjoy a cosy weekend at home. Once in a while it’s nice to have nothing to do and just recharge for the weeks ahead. However, it just doesn’t happen often enough! I find it really hard to sit back, relax and take time off so I’ve put together a weekend to do list to fill my mind with ideas.

headspace | support network for better mental health

Hey hey heyyy... Here is this month instalment of the mental health series. I think I should name the instalments so it'd be easier for people to find them, because if you're a keen reader of this space, you'd know that sometimes I write about...absolute rubbish. 🤣 . Mental illness can seem a lonely place [...]