turns one! turns one!

A year ago today, I hit the publish button on this blog out of desperation. I never had the intention of being a blogger. I don't think of myself as a writer -- I don't have the best grammar and you can often catch spelling errors in a post of mine. Throughout the last year, [...]


headspace | things that anxiety taught me

headspace  |  things that anxiety taught me

. I'm on my way to recovery, I can genuinely feel it. It's a good thing, though I'm not completely passed my anxiety/depressive phase. There's a steady progression and that's enough. 😊 Along the way to recovery, I pick up some valuable life lessons that I may not have learnt that quickly if it's not for [...]

headspace | masking anxiety

headspace  | masking anxiety

. Just last month have I only opened up about the anxiety and depressive symptoms that I've been having publicly to friends and family. I mean, apart from the close ones that I've opened up to earlier. And I find something interesting. Since I first opened up to people about my symptoms, people who knew be [...]


headspace | bad day

I had a reallyyy bad day today. . One of those days where you just have no one to go to except Allah S.W.T. One of those days where the only words that come out of me are, "O Allah, help me." . I must say, I'm handling it better though. If I were still [...]


headspace | support network for better mental health

Hey hey heyyy... Here is this month instalment of the mental health series. I think I should name the instalments so it'd be easier for people to find them, because if you're a keen reader of this space, you'd know that sometimes I write about...absolute rubbish. 🤣 . Mental illness can seem a lonely place [...]


headspace | a farewell letter to anxiety

Dear Anxiety, You've been playing mind games with me for the past 4 years now and I am more than done with you. I want you gone...forever.   Because of that, I am trying harder than ever to beat you. And eventually, I will. Some days are worse than others and I try to ignore [...]


headspace | 8 things to do before 8 a.m.

I feel as if I haven't written anything about anxiety in a long time. To be honest, I've been feeling better. I guess the EMDR therapy works after all! 😅 However, I don't want to put my hopes too high. 😕 If it gets better, it gets better. . Hmm.. Let's begin. When I was [...]