coffee and caramel cupcakes

If you have not already know, I bake. I bake as a medium to channel my creative side. I bake because it makes me happy (provided the cupcakes/cookies turn out great). Anddd.. I also like to celebrate. These cupcakes are a bit special because I baked them to celebrate a close friend's triumph on getting [...]


plain vanilla cupcakes

Although I said "plain" vanilla cupcakes, the cupcakes are the best I've tried so far! It's moist, with a good ratio of dense to fluff. And I promise that this will be my last post about cake recipe for a while 😅 This recipe is from Bisous à Toi, please visit her blog for more fancy [...]

chocolate ganache

This is the recipe from The Ultimate Chocolate Ganache that I get from With just 2 ingredients, it is the ultimate chocolate ganache!   The recipe for the ultimate chocolate ganache is quite simple. We need just heavy cream and dark of semi-sweet chocolate. The trick here is to use a high-quality chocolate since [...]