cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies

cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies

I am neither brave or bold enough to make just chocolate chip cookies. Everyone's mum or grandma makes "the best" chocolate chip cookies. Mine is still the Famous Amos' Macadamia Chocolate Chips Cookies btw.  So out of respect, I dared not compete. Instead, we made chocolate chip tribute -- the cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies...


coffee and caramel cupcakes

If you have not already know, I bake. I bake as a medium to channel my creative side. I bake because it makes me happy (provided the cupcakes/cookies turn out great). Anddd.. I also like to celebrate. These cupcakes are a bit special because I baked them to celebrate a close friend's triumph on getting [...]

Right after I baked everything for my cousin (read about the post here), I swore to God that I'd never bake for anyone ever again. But I happened to find myself creating an account for my cupcakes and loaves that very next morning, with feet still sore and all. 😅 .. It was one of [...]