headspace | six ways to better your mood

headspace  |  six ways to better your mood

. I woke up yesterday feeling a little grumpy and down for no particular reason. But I was determined to not let it ruin my entire day. With this in mind, I turned to one of my favorite things ever – a list – and wrote down a few things that could help me snap [...]


headspace | support network for better mental health

Hey hey heyyy... Here is this month instalment of the mental health series. I think I should name the instalments so it'd be easier for people to find them, because if you're a keen reader of this space, you'd know that sometimes I write about...absolute rubbish. 🤣 . Mental illness can seem a lonely place [...]

headspace | social media detox update

It's been a while since I last posted that my fingers are just itched to write something. Some of you asked how did my social media detox's going. I think I'm comfortable enough to say that it's going pretty good. As I mentioned in previous post, I didn't go cold turkey on the detox because [...]