headspace | emdr: patient’s perspective [part four]

Heyyy.. šŸ˜Š If you haven't read the previous post, you can click on the link to read [part three].   I realise that I must summarise my sessions, or else this EMDR tagĀ would take too long and it's going to get boring for you guys. Bear with me, okay? I'm trying my best to make [...]

headspace | emdr: patient’s perspective [part three]

Hey guysss.. ā¤ļø I had my real first EMDR session last Wednesday, and boy was it tiring! I droveĀ back to Melaka right after the session, and had been sleep-wake up-eat-sleep for two days after, much to my psychiatrist disappointment since he told me to exercise more. Hehe. Oh well, exercise can wait. But seriously, if [...]

headspace | emdr: patient’s perspective [part two]

Here is theĀ [part one] of the series. Whilst writing this entry, I'm not in the best of mood. I don't know whether I am annoyed or angry or am I feeling betrayed? Whatever it is, I am aware that there's quite a big chance that this lovely brain of mine is freaking out and exaggerating [...]

headspace | emdr: patient’s perspective [part one]

As part of me recordingĀ my journey to recovery, I'll write down how the sessions go for my Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. There will be some things that I prefer not to disclose, but I promise that I'll try to jot down as much as I can so you peeps who are searching [...]