simplify your life | day three | book declutter

I love books. Mum asked me to clear out the library a little while ago, so I had clear out most of my books back then. Soo.. I'm going cheat myself away for this challenge. Hahaha! Nobody touches my precious books!! =.= . “Minimalism is not the lack of something. It’s the perfect amount of [...]

simplify your life | day two | wardrobe declutter

Um, guys. We have a slight problem for this challenge. I just declutter my wardrobe last month, so another wardrobe declutter may leave me with nothing. 😂 Okay, fine. Not nothing, but I don't want to remove anymore of my clothes!! It's a traumatising experience. 😭 *hugs wardrobe*   However, fine. Since Eid is coming I need [...]

headspace | emdr: patient’s perspective [part three]

Hey guysss.. ❤️ I had my real first EMDR session last Wednesday, and boy was it tiring! I drove back to Melaka right after the session, and had been sleep-wake up-eat-sleep for two days after, much to my psychiatrist disappointment since he told me to exercise more. Hehe. Oh well, exercise can wait. But seriously, if [...]