it has arrived!

It's here! It's here!! 😆 Well, it's probably nothing much to you, but I've been eyeing this baby for over a year now. Andd... It's finally here! 😍     Now, please excuse me while I gently pat this thing the whole day. Hehe. . .


anti-bucket list

So this entry is going to be about the things I hope to never do before I die, hence, anti-bucket list. Get it get it get it? 😆   1. Go to a haunted house - Haha. No. Never.   Art from Pinterest.   2. Jump off a cliff - Gila apa?! A little fun fact, I'm [...]

fingers itch

Oh. My. God. I haven't written anything in a couple of days, and my fingers just itch to type something out. Even though it'll most probably come out as some crap writing. 😂 So, let me google something interesting to write about. (I really don't have any idea and plan on what to write guys) [...]