what i’m up to

what i’m up to

My left arm right now hurts. A LOT. I looked into the mirror when I brushed my teeth just now and my left arm is around 30% visibly larger than the right arm smh. Since my last post, the fever spiked the highest last night – 39.2°C 😱 [...]

how curious

Hm. I've been doing such a good job on staying incognito on social media and on the website. I wanted to give myself some space in 2018 so I can avoid from becoming obsessed with the internet. (Dr G said social media was detrimental to how I see myself.) . But tonight, I just can't [...]


I haven't written anything for the past 2 weeks. Zero writing. Nothing. As much as I'm excited about the new year, I think I needed some time to comprehend that it's 2018. It scares me a little to be honest. I am not where I imagined myself to be at this age -- not that [...]