coffee and caramel cupcakes

If you have not already know, I bake. I bake as a medium to channel my creative side. I bake because it makes me happy (provided the cupcakes/cookies turn out great). Anddd.. I also like to celebrate. These cupcakes are a bit special because I baked them to celebrate a close friend's triumph on getting [...]


headspace | six ways to better your mood

headspace  |  six ways to better your mood

. I woke up yesterday feeling a little grumpy and down for no particular reason. But I was determined to not let it ruin my entire day. With this in mind, I turned to one of my favorite things ever – a list – and wrote down a few things that could help me snap [...]

let’s chat #1

I feel like I share quite a lot of things about me on the blog so today it’s time to turn the table. No matter if you’ve been reading for a while or just stumbled across my blog right now, I would love to get to know you a bit better. 😊   . [...]

suppository drug

This conversation took place at a friend's house. ... Friend: *takes a pill and swallows it with a glass of water* Me: "What are you taking?" (The medical student in me have to know everything) Friend: *passes me the bottle* Me: *reads the prescription strip on the bottle and looks at my friend straight away* [...]

henna night

Good evening! I hope you're having a wonderful day so far. I have nothing much to write about on today's blogpost. Last month I tested a new schedule for my blog posts where I scheduled them on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. However, I'm thinking of doing permanent slots on Sunday and Thursday, and let Tuesday be a day where I post if I have extra materials. What do you think?