girl boss | own your mistakes

girl boss  |  own your mistakes

. So, it's hard to talk about failure, isn't it? It's probably one of the most uncomfortable topic one could bring up. No one likes to admit to them. And yet, it's the one most relatable topic. Everyone reading this entry has failed at something at some point. And that's okay. 😊 There's the little thing [...]


girl boss | priyanka chopra

I watched a Youtube video on Priyanka Chopra's Top Ten Rules for Success. She is AMAZINGGG!! So I decided to write down the points from the video for those of you who are too lazy to watch it (is there even such thing? 😛). Oh well. . Set goal for yourself. "I don't want to [...]

rock bottom

Art by . As cheesy as it may sound (we know I don't do cheesy 😝), know that when you feel you've hit rock bottom, the only place you can go from there is up. Keep going... It's going to get better. Keep working hard. Stay determined to push past the rocks and make [...]

have faith

Art by There will be times in life when you just want to give up, don't. Just give it one more chance - another push. There will be times in life where you'd compare yourself to others, don't. Have faith in your journey and keep going (even if you have to literally drag yourself up [...]

starts with you

  Art by . One principle that is pivotal for me since I was in primary school is, "whenever things turn bad, never put the blame on others". That'll only give a ridiculous amount of power to people who don't even matter. There's always something in ourselves that we can learn and improve from [...]