promise ring

Traditionally, promise rings are given from one partner to another to promise a future, to promise commitment, to promise that they have plans to one day propose. While I think this sentiment is very sweet (who doesn't want shiny sparkly things?!), I recently felt inspired to buy one for myself instead.   And, noo.. I'm [...]


headspace | i need to write more

You know, after almost 6 months writing on this blog. I kind of have the feeling that writing things out works wonders for me - physically and emotionally. 😊 Honestly, I don't know to whom I'm writing to, heck, I may even be writing to an empty room for all I care. But this place has become [...]

little white lies

The truth about lying to your parents is, you have to do it to protect them. It's for their own good. I'm talking about harmless, white lies here not the I-think-I-accidentally-ran-over-someone-with-your-car lie. I mean, take my own parents. If they knew the unvarnished truth about my finance/love life/social life, they'd have instant heart attacks and [...]

it has arrived!

It's here! It's here!! 😆 Well, it's probably nothing much to you, but I've been eyeing this baby for over a year now. Andd... It's finally here! 😍     Now, please excuse me while I gently pat this thing the whole day. Hehe. . .

anti-bucket list

So this entry is going to be about the things I hope to never do before I die, hence, anti-bucket list. Get it get it get it? 😆   1. Go to a haunted house - Haha. No. Never.   Art from Pinterest.   2. Jump off a cliff - Gila apa?! A little fun fact, I'm [...]