headspace | social media

Sabrina told me multiple times to just let this thing go; I would...until I get another private messages or texts or verbal comments about how I go around with my social presence. To be fair, I didn't get that many of them, because if I received a lot of it, that's a red flag that [...]

how curious

Hm. I've been doing such a good job on staying incognito on social media and on the website. I wanted to give myself some space in 2018 so I can avoid from becoming obsessed with the internet. (Dr G said social media was detrimental to how I see myself.) . But tonight, I just can't [...]

cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies

cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies

I am neither brave or bold enough to make just chocolate chip cookies. Everyone's mum or grandma makes "the best" chocolate chip cookies. Mine is still the Famous Amos' Macadamia Chocolate Chips Cookies btw.  So out of respect, I dared not compete. Instead, we made chocolate chip tribute -- the cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies...