pace yourself

Hello sweetest potatoes ♥️ I hope all of you are doing really well. I’m doing alright. I’ve been taking some time off from a lot of things because life has become quite exhausting. But I’m back hahaha! And, I notice that most of you give me high traffic on medical school related entries, apart from the mental health ones. So I may be writing more on school life in the future, #prayfornadirah hehehe.


But in all honesty guys, the best advice I receive in clinical years is, learn how to pace yourself. I’m in my semester 7 now, which is the second semester in clinical school. Wait, the OGs would be really proud of how far I’ve gone through with medical school. I’m in Year 4 now, oh my gosh. Okay I digress. Last semester, I didn’t had a full blown burnt out, thankfully. But the number of times where I was very close to burning out, is a lot. With the pandemic, medical school and taking up new roles in uni — I am verryyy grateful that I managed to get out of the semester in a piece without burning out. My mental health was taking a toll at the end of the semester tho, but thankfully the semester was over quick.



I started writing this post on the night before raya (Eid). I don’t have any plans on what I’m going to do these coming few days. School break is until the 23rd. My therapist (I started going back to therapy. Yay!), she said that I essentially just have too much on my plate during the semester, and people are still expecting more of me. Dr G just don’t understand why I was taking too many responsibilities that I spread myself too thin 😅 Thank goodness the semester is over now, and since the hard work and the foundation for my projects had been built in semester 6, I can take a bit of a breather this semester, hopefully. So for these couple of days, I am not going to plan anything. If I happen to be binging Netflix or play PS4, so be it. If I happen to be catching up on studying, so be it. I am just going to go with what my gut feeling wants to do since it’s been accommodating my brain for the entire (long) semester hahaha. Well, I just realise that it turns out my gut wants to write on here ♥️


My comment sections are not as alive — but I do take feedbacks from the emails and Instagram messages that I receive from you. And I guess some of you also enjoy reading my mishaps 😂 Life is sometimes a sitcom isn’t it? Hahaha. We’ll see. Let’s just hope that I have the energy to write more this semester. I’ll put some random pictures from last semester to brighten this post up a bit hehe. I wonder what my next entry is going to be about…



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