what i’m up to


My left arm right now hurts. A LOT. I looked into the mirror when I brushed my teeth just now and my left arm is around 30% visibly larger than the right arm smh. Since my last post, the fever spiked the highest last night – 39.2°C 😱 So I legit live on my bed yesterday haha only getting out of the comfiness of my duvet and pillows to pick up the food delivery, prepare water, panadol, and the heat pack. The point is, I’m not being a baby okay!


And maybe don’t take ALL your blood tests and immunisation jabs at the same time too 😆 That’s not really a smart move. I woke up this morning to miscalls and texts from friends and mum. Hehe I feel quite bad. But, I needed the rest. I planned to write about what I did on my birthday on the 17th but, I wasn’t feeling so well. I promise to write about it once I’ve gotten better!


I’m not feeling 100% better now, but the fever subsided. I think I might go to the pool to swim for a bit. Not exercising for a few days makes me very sluggish. I’m still working on my goal to get fitter and leaner, so I don’t want to regress…because guys, I LOVE to eat! 😂 I’m never the one who go with special diets or calorie count to reach any fitness goals. Well, I’m also not one of those who binge eat everyday (maybe only if I really like the food). I don’t do extremes in my fitness regime, because I know myself enough that I would rebel against restrictions and I’ll eat even more hahaha. But I want that lean body because clothes will look good over it 🤤 My main #bodygoals are definitely Marion Caunter’s and Raja Ilya’s. Sigh, anyone’s the same as me?


Hm, I think fitness is one of the things that I can go on and on about. Maybe I’ll start a series about it. We’ll see. But if I do, I’m going to make fitness enjoyable and fun (for me, at least). We’ll see, we’ll see. Okays, I think I’ll stop here. Writing this entry already makes me feel better about myself. I’m going to change for a swim. Andd I’ll see you in the next entry! ❤️


p/s if you feel the timing was weird, I wrote this yesterday but forgot to click on publish before I closed the computer 🙈



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