a year of healing

I keep putting this post to draft because I want to avoid reflecting on 2017 as long as I can possibly do. This year has been topsy turvy. This is the year where the life plan was practically annihilated. This is the year I learn about friendship. This is the year where I faced my fear and addressed it once and for all. This is the year I finally get myself back after soo long. This is the year that has hugely matured me. This is the year that I feel empowered by.


I mentioned before in previous post that I see 2017 as the year of healing. For so long I told myself that I can manage the anxiety symptoms well that I don’t need a specialist’s help. “I’m not weak,” so I told myself. Mann, was I wrong. I put off seeing the psychiatrist for many many years until I had no choice but to do so. And I must say, (finally) seeing a psychiatrist is one of the most right choices that I’ve made this year. I would’ve seen the psychiatrist sooner if I know how better I can be with treatments.


At the start of the year, everything was bleak. I couldn’t see my future. If you read my earlier posts, you’d find that I kind of acknowledged that I would live with the awful anxiety symptoms forever — that it would be my life. You have no idea how grateful I was that that never happened. I got better. My headspace is clear now. 😊 Now, I can sleep better.


Weeks and months went by, and I slowly become better. It wasn’t a smooth sail though. I had many ups and downs. At times it even broke me down. I’m glad that I didn’t give up on fighting the anxiety. To be honest, although I missed all the opportunity that I’ve lost due to the anxiety, I’m proud to be where I am now. Thank you for friends and family who gave me my space and never give up on me. I pray every day that God would reward you with something that is soo good that you wouldn’t even imagine! 😜



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