a walk down malacca streets


A few days ago, Syafinaz texted and told me she’s coming to Malacca on Saturday. Then I realised that I wanted to stock up pictures for the website because let’s face it, blog post with pictures are more appealing. 😋 So we decided to walk around Stadhuys, Jonker Street and Sungai Melaka. And it was really fun rediscovering my little town again.


I reached Stadhuys a bit late and Syafinaz was already waiting for me (sorry!). I miscalculated the time to get there. I forgot that it was school holiday, so the traffic would be a little bit congested than usual. We hadn’t saw each other for a little over a year I think. So it was nice seeing her yesterday. 😊


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We climbed up to St. Paul Church and seriously guys, I am in urgent need to build my stamina up! We took some pictures, read some historical informations and down we went. Syafinaz wanted to be a little bit adventurous so we walked through the old graveyard route. I still don’t understand how I just went along with her. *face palm*




We walked to Jonker Street afterwards to try out the Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff. I forgot that I hadn’t had breakfast that morning, so walking past Jonker Street was very tough. Everything smelled and looked delicious, I was very tempted to buy everything! The Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff was located at the front of the Backlane Coffee if you’re wondering. I had Durian Ice Cream Puff and I could still imagine how good it tasted while writing this.


Then I wanted some coffee because there’s this one small coffee shop that we walked past had this coffee smell that reminded me of Townsville. It’s called The Stolen Cup and it’s the cutest little place! I ordered Mocktail Rose Coffee and Syafinaz ordered the Salted Egg Yolk Croissant. The barista told me he put a surprise in the coffee and I was quite nervous to find out what it was. The coffee tasted really good guysss!! He said he added the laraha citrus fruit syrup (it’s similar to orange peel), how nice of him. 😊 The coffee tasted like coffee (obviously) with a hint of rose and cherry. The croissant was amazing too.


Thenn..We walked along side Sungai Melaka. We stumbled across an art exhibition, a flea market selling antique stuff, and a very very nice hotel! We basically just walked into every shop unit that’s open hehe. At the flea market/shop, the uncle there was nice enough to entertain us and he showed us some cool old stuff like the huge CD-like thing people used to use in the 40s/50s, weird looking cassette that were used in cars, and very (very) old typewriters.


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If you’re coming to Malacca and don’t know where to go, I highly recommend you to just aimlessly walk along the streets around Stadhuys. It’s a good exercise, plus there’s a lot of unique-styled cafes to be discovered. It’s a win-win, really. 😉




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