let’s chat #1

I feel like I share quite a lot of things about me on the blog so today it’s time to turn the table. No matter if you’ve been reading nadirahim.com for a while or just stumbled across my blog right now, I would love to get to know you a bit better. 😊


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I got this idea from Notes from Joana and thought it would be an interesting way to chat with you. It’s always nice to connect with others that read my blog and learn more about the person behind the screen. Besides being able to express myself, finding people with similar interests and personalities is one of my favourite parts about blogging.


So, you’re probably wondering how this will work. Well, I came up with 5 questions, which I will answer and then I would love for you to reply in the comments, as well! 😊



1 | How was your day?

2 | Where are you from?

3 | Something that made you happy yesterday.

4 | What was the best moment of 2017?

5 | If you could learn how to do anything what would it be?



1 | My day was alright. I had a cosy day in — sleeping in, reading books, writing blog materials, and a little bit of studying.

2 | I’m from a small state in the south of central Malaysia.

3 | The sample cupcakes I baked for a customer turned out to be great! I practiced making them on Monday since I haven’t baked for so long. The vanilla sponge that I did on Monday turned out well but I didn’t get the smooth texture of the Swiss meringue buttercream that I usually get. 😕 So it’s a good job that I managed to fix what I did wrong on Monday, yesterday!

4 | 2017 has been the year of healing for me. Initially, if I’m being honest, I detested and was not looking forward to 2017 at all. Everything was in a slump earlier the year. As I was recovering throughout the weeks and months, I regain myself back — the one before the anxiety symptoms. I’d say the process of me recovering was the best moment of 2017. I learn a lot with my anxiety symptoms. And it truly makes me a better human being.

5 | I want to relearn my violin and French. I might do that in one of these years. But my main focus for 2018 is to regain my previous weight back and also to focus on my studies. ❤️

So, now it’s your turn to have a go at these questions!!



4 thoughts on “let’s chat #1

  1. My day is great..
    I’m from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 🇲🇾…
    I finished a 10 km run 🏃🏻‍♀️ yesterday…
    My best moment for 2017 is passing my final exams…
    I wish to learn more about you.. cia cia cia 😂

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  2. 1| well… today was pretty awesome i guess… we flew to thailand yesterday and today my fam and i went for a little bit of snorkeling…okay not a bit…we went snorkeling the whole day :)))…ouh..btw we went island hopping too 😊…and also i made a new friend…he lives in japan but was born in hawaii…pretty cool eh??? He talks in japanese in a very funny way(since he doesnt know the language very well)…. his english is way better… but isokay…i like him talking in japanese in that way..i could feel the struggles of talking in japanese perfectly too (since im learing that language too 😅) sooo yea…he was pretty chill and nice 😊

    2| Im from malaysia…kuala lumpur to be exact :>

    3| well…as i told you before…yesterday my fam and i went on a little vacaytion to thailand…the flight was pretty short since we live verry near the country..so far that was one of the things that made me happy yesterday..

    4|Hmmmm…. sorry its either i have too much best moments to pick and share or i just dont know if i even have a best moment this year…im kinda confused my self…sorry , guess i wont be answering this one…😅

    5| Guess one of the thing that i really want learn is just to be happy…anywhere..anytime…i know being happy all the time is just staight up impossible…but im gonna try anyways…im so tired being sad and depress all the time…id really like to be happy all the time honestly…
    Soooo yeaaaa thats it…sorry for the verrrrrrryyyy long answers…hv a nice life!!! :)))))

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    1. I quite enjoy your long answer, Tasya! 😆 I’m glad you enjoy your time in Thailand, I wish to go there some day. And no worries. Cheers to a better, happier version of ourselves in the year 2018 eh. ❤️


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