henna night


Good evening! 😊 I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far. I have nothing much to write about on today’s blogpost. Last month I tested a new schedule for my blog posts where I scheduled them on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. However, I’m thinking of doing permanent slots on Sunday and Thursday, and let Tuesday be a day where I post if I have extra materials. What do you think?




I attended my cousin’s henna night last Saturday before his reception. It was my first experience participating in henna night because usually I’d run the other way if someone tries to put henna on me! I figured why not try it once in my life just to experience the whole henna thing. It was alright. I chose a dramatic henna style without henna on my nails just to balance it out and (trying) not be over the top. 😂 Even the bride wore less henna than me hahaha! 🙈



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