headspace | mindfulness and anxiety

I haven't been working on my website for almost a week now and boy, doesn't it feel weird! It's already 28th December and we have only 3 days left until 2018 comes. How exciting is that!! 😆 If everything goes as planned, I'm going to move out from my parents' house on the first of January [...]

a year of healing

I keep putting this post to draft because I want to avoid reflecting on 2017 as long as I can possibly do. This year has been topsy turvy. This is the year where the life plan was practically annihilated. This is the year I learn about friendship. This is the year where I faced my [...]

a walk down malacca streets

a walk down malacca streets

A few days ago, Syafinaz texted and told me she's coming to Malacca on Saturday. Then I realised that I want to stock up pictures for the blog because let's face it, blog post with pictures are more appealing.  So we decided to walk around Stadhuys, Jonker Street and Sungai Melaka. And boy was it fun rediscovering my little town again.  

let’s chat #1

I feel like I share quite a lot of things about me on the blog so today it’s time to turn the table. No matter if you’ve been reading nadirahim.com for a while or just stumbled across my blog right now, I would love to get to know you a bit better. 😊   . [...]

dim sum with haireya

dim sum with haireya

There's nothing lovelier than spending good time with my loved ones. We've been planning this lunch since October, I think. It's to celebrate Haireya's graduation! We went to Ramada Plaza's Long Feng Restaurant because both of us craved for some dim sum. I went to pick up Haireya's bits and bobs before going to the hotel. It was supposed to be a surprise for her, and boy, was she surprised!

suppository drug

This conversation took place at a friend's house. ... Friend: *takes a pill and swallows it with a glass of water* Me: "What are you taking?" (The medical student in me have to know everything) Friend: *passes me the bottle* Me: *reads the prescription strip on the bottle and looks at my friend straight away* [...]