headspace | a visit to the doctor

I almost forgot that last Tuesday I had an appointment scheduled with my psychiatrist. Thank goodness I received the notification alarm a few days before the visit. 😅


I recently stumbled across pictures in which I was smiling genuinely and being carefree. So I put them as my lock screen and home screen pictures. I showed the pictures to my doctor and told him that hope that I’d one day be that happy again. He said, “We’ll get there.” To be honest, I’m feeling that I am actually getting better right now. So that’s a good start. 😊


It’s not that I’m not prepared to ever feel sad or down. That’s situational anxiety and depression — I can deal with them. I just want to get rid of the constant fear of everything and the panic attacks. As of today, I think my last panic attack was about 2-3 months ago (?). And I notice that I’m better at letting go of things that I can’t control. Both are sign of improvements I think.


Before the visit, I sent Mum and Dad to my sister’s house because they want to visit baby niece who just came home from the hospital. Then I went to The Red Bean Bag in Solaris Dutamas because I’d been craving for Egg Benedict with Salmon for weeks already! When I was there I had mental images of my doctor shaking his head in disapproval at my choice of food. I am supposed to be on a diet since the medications I’m taking is ballooning me up. I’ll tell you guys more about it in a later post. For now, let’s just enjoy the pictures hahaha. 😝





The food was so and so. They served me stale smoked salmon, which is immediately a turn off. I know the restaurant has been raved all over the internet, and I wish I could say good things about it and not feel like I wasted my money. Well I guess the restaurant isn’t my cup of tea. 😅



2 thoughts on “headspace | a visit to the doctor

    1. Hello! ❤️ Thank you for taking your time commenting. I went to Dr. Gurdeep Singh Grewal in The Mind Faculty before, but just recently I start seeing him in his other clinic in Tropicana Medical Centre. I feel you really, the search for a psychiatrist that suits us can be quite tricky and not to mention, frustrating. He’s the second psychiatrist that I met since I started looking for one. He’s a bit of an unconventional psychiatrist. I hope you’ll like him as much as I do! 😊

      I wrote a little about the doctor here — https://nadirahim.com/2017/02/24/shrink-and-meds/.


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