a cosy weekend to do list


I love a busy weekend full of plans but I equally, if not more so, enjoy a cosy weekend at home. Once in a while it’s nice to have nothing to do and just recharge for the weeks ahead. However, it just doesn’t happen often enough! I find it really hard to sit back, relax and take time off so I’ve put together a weekend to do list to fill my mind with ideas.



Art from Pinterest.


Sleep in// I can be guilty of not following this tip at times, especially when I want to wake up for the gym, or get errands done before the rush! But sleep, sleep is the most important thing we can do and one of the most neglected areas. We tend to go to sleep late and wake up early, without giving our bodies enough rest to recover. Think of sleep like a phone charger. Just the way we need to recharge our phones, we need to do the same thing with our bodies. So this weekend, say NO to those early morning plans and sleep a little longer. Your body will thank you!


Spend quality time with friends & family//  This is so important to me! During the week it’s so hard to make time to spend with our loved ones since we are constantly running around and I think it’s important to make time for everyone.  Plan a fun little outing, have some friends over for a homemade brunch, or go have a walk at the park. You can even do something as simple as heading out for an iced coffee or frappucinno at your favourite cafe. Get out and enjoy yourself (don’t think about the laundry you have to do at home. Set aside some time during the week to plan these things out.). Then maybe you can have a snuggle in your bed with your favourite book to unwind.


Get your sweat on// I know this isn’t exactly “cosy” but I like exercising so I have to put this on the list. 😛 Although sweating it out can of course help to transform our bodies, but it also makes us feel good! Sweating it out gets my adrenaline going and brings out those happy endorphins. Nothing and no one can bring me down after a good sweat sesh – plus you’ll bring good energy to all the people around you! Try taking a dance class, or go hiking to spend some time outdoors! It’s healthy for the mind too.Then maybe you can have a snuggle in your bed to unwind. See a pattern here? 😝


Unplug from social media// It so tempting to constantly be checking your Instagram or see how many likes you got, but sometimes you need to put that phone away and focus on the present. Lay in bed and cuddle with your pillow! My favourite way to unplug is to get outdoors. Enjoy the views around you, the birds chirping, a good book. We need this every now and then because we are most loving and creative when we recharge our minds!




Take a day trip// Although day trips can sometimes involve a lot of planning, there are a lot of things to do that require little to no planning and it’s so nice to get out for the day. Nothing crazy — on rainy days it’s nice to go to a museum or go to dinner and a movie. We also don’t realise how many amazing things there are to do in our own cities and we often take it for granted.  Spend some down time googling what there is to do in your area and I’m sure you will find some amazing spots you never heard of!




Stay in// If you feel like staying home for the weekend and have a quiet time for yourself, you can always catch up on your favourite TV series (mine are on Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girl, and Family Guy) with fresh pjs and a mug of hot chocolate (add marshmallows to meet full experience 😜). Oh! I always catch up on all of my favourite blogs and vlogs on the weekends too. You can also make a Zalora and FashionValet order of some new tops, cosy Pj’s and head scarves ready for the coming month. And you’ll have plenty of time to meal prep some home comforts for the week ahead, I’m already thinking about good ol’ nasi lemak and fresh fruits!


I really hope you enjoyed this list and will use some of these tips to have a fun and relaxing weekend.  I would love to hear what plans you have and if you decided to do anything for yourself, comment below and let me know!  Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned for my next post on Sunday.



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