a cosy weekend to do list

a cosy weekend to do list

I love a busy weekend full of plans but I equally, if not more so, enjoy a cosy weekend at home. Once in a while itโ€™s nice to have nothing to do and just recharge for the weeks ahead. However, it just doesnโ€™t happen often enough! I find it really hard to sit back, relax and take time off so Iโ€™ve put together a weekend to do list to fill my mind with ideas.

girl talk | everyday makeup

Morning, guyss!! โค๏ธ I thought Iโ€™d do a little post about the makeup I currently use on a daily basis. Iโ€™m a routine type of person -- no matter how much makeup I bought, Iโ€™ll end up using the same makeups until they hit pan. So far, none of my makeup has hit pan except [...]

headspace | things that anxiety taught me

headspace  |  things that anxiety taught me

. I'm on my way to recovery, I can genuinely feel it. It's a good thing, though I'm not completely passed my anxiety/depressive phase. There's a steady progression and that's enough. ๐Ÿ˜Šย Along the way to recovery, I pick up some valuable life lessons that I may not have learnt that quickly if it's not for [...]


Right after I baked everything for my cousin (read about the post here), I swore to God that I'd never bake for anyone ever again. But I happened to find myself creating an account for my cupcakes and loaves that very next morning, with feet still sore and all. ๐Ÿ˜… .. It was one of [...]