headspace | bad day

I had a reallyyy bad day today.


One of those days where you just have no one to go to except Allah S.W.T.

One of those days where the only words that come out of me are, “O Allah, help me.”


I must say, I’m handling it better though. If I were still in the midst of sorting myself out in the doom of my anxiety and depressive symptoms, things could go down a very dark alley.


Nevertheless, I can’t help but think “Why does everything has to be so difficult?” I’m not saying that I’m not grateful of what has been given to me. But mann.. Sometimes life can be a real prick.


One thing that the anxiety experience has taught me was to find comfort in friends and family in time of need. Because as much as I like to talk to God about stuff, I am also in need of a real physical connection and feedback. I know I have to reach out to people to help myself. Coincidentally, I saw Siu Lim’s Instastory on Instagram giving people and herself a little pep talk and I can’t thank Allah S.W.T. enough for sending her my way. Here are the text messages from the people I reached out to show you guys who are going through some difficult stuff right now to not be afraid to reach out to other people when you’re in need. There’s a lot of love going around in this world.








Now let me have an alone time with God. I have a lot to tell Him.


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