chocolate ganache

This is the recipe from The Ultimate Chocolate Ganache that I get from With just 2 ingredients, it is the ultimate chocolate ganache!


The recipe for the ultimate chocolate ganache is quite simple. We need just heavy cream and dark of semi-sweet chocolate. The trick here is to use a high-quality chocolate since it’ll determine the taste. My favourites are Valrhona and Callebaut.


Nothing could be easier than making this ganache. Heat 200 g heavy cream until it boils. No need for simmering. It’s enough when you see bubbles rising. Pour it over 200 g chopped chocolate or chocolate chips.


Wait for 1-2 minutes and then whisk until smooth. That’s it.


If you want a thin glaze just to drizzle over cookies or cupcakes, use it right after you make it. If you want a thick chocolate glaze though to pour over cakes, you need to wait until it cools down completely.



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