simplify your life | day four | paper declutter

“Your home is a living space, not a storage space.”


Here’s the link to Day Four challenge, and I know I haven’t done the daily challenges in a very looong time that some of you probably thought that I quit the challenge. As written of FashionValet parcels — “I could give up shopping, but I am not a quitter.” This is not shopping, but still I’m not quitting. 😉


Day 4 challenge is a bit easier than the last wardrobe declutter (I’m still traumatized by the Day 3 challenge) since we’re decluttering the boring, unemotional papers. Today’s challenge is to declutter all of the non-sentimental paper in my space. At the end of today, I shall have almost no paper left. Wait, no paper left. Let’s be honest here, it is me we’re talking about. I physically write my college notes and everything. I can’t have almost no paper left! *sigh*


Basically, I will have to take all of my paper items out of their normal space, declutter all of the paper items, store the remaining papers in one location OR discard/recycle them, set up systems for future paper , and finally, celebrate how fabulous I am. Hehe I’ll probably make myself a mug of hot chocolate with two marshmallows, you know, because it’s a celebration. 😛




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