simplify your life | day three | book declutter

I love books. Mum asked me to clear out the library a little while ago, so I had clear out most of my books back then. Soo.. I’m going cheat myself away for this challenge. Hahaha! Nobody touches my precious books!! =.=


“Minimalism is not the lack of something. It’s the perfect amount of something.” – Nicholas Burroughs


I told Mum that I’m putting the books that I want to keep in this massive box so that when I have a house of my own, I’ll just transfer the whole box with me. She bought into it, so yay! I’ve donated and discarded half of the books that was initially in the library. However, while typing this post right now, I have another one..two..three..four..five..! Seven books yet to read. Oh my. I already refrain myself from buying anymore books. So that’s sorted.



Art from Pinterest.


As what MuchelleB has said, I’m a big-hearted girl with a massive gigantic love for books. I can’t realistically throw out most of my babies. It’s like committing murder! I want to buy a bookcase to put in my room, but Mum said that it’ll make me buy more books, and the only books I need to read are medical books. 🙄 (Asian parent, really.)



One thought on “simplify your life | day three | book declutter

  1. I know this was a year ago but I’m doing the same challenge right now so it’s nice to see another blogger writing about it! I also could get rid of many books! X


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