she’s graduating

For the better part of the last three weeks I was struggling severely with my anxiety and depression. For those of you who know it well, it was the typical carousal of symptoms; flat affect, fatigue, socially withdrawn, hopeless, irritates, and just empty — so empty. I woke up everyday hoping the fog had lifted. But each day was the same slow motion film. Heh, sorry to start this supposedly happy entry with a somber energy. I just wanted to remind myself that it’s alright to feel meh and keep living. 😊


I have to pull it together and keep living. There are soo many people around me whom I have to celebrate. Just because I’m not in the ideal place I’d like to be in, doesn’t mean I have to take the happiness of the people around me.


Soo.. My childhood friend had passed her final exam!! She’s graduating soon, so naturally I’m celebrating it with her! 😆 We walked around with balloons all over The Shore and AEON Bandaraya Melaka. Needless to say, people we straight up staring at us hahaha. I’m pretty sure I gained another kilogram that day since all we did was walking to Sushi Zanmai –> ate sushi –> walked to the ground floor to Häagen-Dazs –> ate ice cream –> drove to AEON Bandaraya Melaka –> tried out some clothes –> ended up buying matching heels –> walked to Llao Llao –> ate some froyo. Even typing that down exhausts me!




It was a fun outing nevertheless! There’s something wonderful with sharing the success of your loved ones together. ❤️ I’m glad that I manage to force myself to plan this one out. We were all smiley and bloated that day that my mom asked me “How much did you really eat?” when I was home that evening. 😆



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