#girlboss by sophia amoruso

I love reading books — that’s a fact that you guys should be familiar with by now. However, not all the readings that I read are up to my expectations. But, in most cases, I’d try my best to at least like the books even though they are not my cup of tea. Not this one, though. 😕



Art from GetItGirlBlog.com.


I had never heard of Nasty Gal when I bought the book from Popular. But the title seemed fun and I always enjoy reading business books – especially ones that tackle the unique issues that face women. Well, save your money if you’re thinking of buying the book, this is not it. #girlboss is peculiar mix; it’s a book that doesn’t know whether it wants to be a memoir or if it wants to give business advices. I have no idea who this book is written for. I don’t fancy how most of Sophia Amoruso’s memories are irrelevant, with humble brags littering the pages.


I have to stop myself there. Let’s just put it this way, I’m a quick reader yet it took me ages to finish the book. It. Is. Extremely. Difficult. To. Read. The. Book. That being said, the book isn’t all bad — the best advice that I took away from this book was not to incur debt that you could not pay back…that’s pretty much it. 😅 Sorry guys, I too hate leaving negative notes on the blog.





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