girl talk | sunscreen

Ahh.. The oily, greasy sunscreens. I used to hate them. My mom would swear by them though. “No need make up, just don’t forget to put sunscreen”, she said. And now, when I’m in my mid-20s, I started listening to her more. Heyy.. I’d like to prevent wrinkles as long as I can okay. Don’t judge. 😛


It’s hard to me to find the perfect sunscreen that I would not have to force myself to wear every morning. I’ve always thought that sunscreens are supposed to be greasy, and I don’t like that. Why do I want more grease to my oily skin?! Little did I know that different brands has different properties to their sunscreens. To be fair, I’ve only tried the sunscreens from Banana Boat before, and they are super greasy!! I thought it’s the same for every other brand, because sunscreens are still sunscreens right?



Art from Google.


Haha, it was not until I tried the Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF50 at the duty-free shop during a layover at Bali Airport when I realise that there are sunscreens that can be absorbed quickly by the skin and leave the skin feeling okay. Okay as in, not too greasy. At first, I thought it was still to rich and can’t be used on top of moisturiser until I read the description — it is meant to be very moisturising. Oops. I should’ve read the description before buying hehe! 😅 Fortunately, it still works on my skin. I just have to skip moisturiser when using this in the morning.


Well, since I’m doing the Korean 10 step skincare routine, I use this product at the end of the routine. A small amount would suffice my entire face. The sunscreen works well with makeup too. It takes up to 10 minutes for the product to sink in, and if I’m not doing any makeup that day, I’ll just put on the Johnson and Johnson baby powder to mattify the skin. My skin definitely feels hydrated whenever I put this one on.


I choose the SPF50 because I want something that protects my skin all day long. Also, it doesn’t leave any white cast on the face. To say I don’t like the white cast on my face in photos would be me being nice — I detest seeing those kind of pictures! Since I was in the duty-free shop, I didn’t have the chance to try out the sample first. I was soo lucky that the product doesn’t irritate my eyes. That’s something that you should consider before buying sunscreen as well because the previous sunscreens that I tried stung my eyes like it’s nobody’s business.


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