babysitter diaries

Here’s a little thing about me — I have 3 older sisters. The second sister and her husband are in Mecca for Hajj. So they asked me if I can look after their daughters. Of course, I said yes! Although it’s hard for me to admit since *cough* I like to bully children (I only bully my nephews and nieces, but I am exceptionally nice to the other children. Promise!), I enjoy spending time with them. 💕


There are 4 of them; Natasya, Dariena, Kaiyeshah, and Arissa. Natasya is in boarding school so she’s settled. I’ll just have to visit her once every two weeks or so. It’s not that far from Kuala Lumpur anyways, so it’s no biggie. I don’t think it’d be THAT difficult to take care of them because I sometimes do bring them out for an outing somewhere. But I’m not sure. They say, taking care of a child without their parents around is another level of chaos. Hopefully I’ll do just fine. 😊 Well, for their sake and mine!




2 thoughts on “babysitter diaries

  1. In my experience with kids, I noticed kids are better behaved without their parents. The trick is to be supper patient and to honestly have fun with them (while laying down the boundaries)
    I’m sure you’ll do fine!

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