simplify your life | day two | wardrobe declutter

Um, guys. We have a slight problem for this challenge. I just declutter my wardrobe last month, so another wardrobe declutter may leave me with nothing. 😂 Okay, fine. Not nothing, but I don’t want to remove anymore of my clothes!! It’s a traumatising experience. 😭 *hugs wardrobe*


However, fine. Since Eid is coming I need to clean my wardrobe anyways. BUTT.. I would only discard stuff that are damaged. Anything else, would go back into the wardrobe. ☝🏻 There’s not going to be a major declutter, so I’m not using the guiding questions provided in MuchelleB’s website. Hehehe. (Seriously guys, I just declutter my wardrobe. This is not an excuse for not doing the challenge.)


I’m going to take out all the clothes out of the wardrobe so I’ll be able to look at my clothing more objectively or notice weird things that I’ve never reaaally noticed before about the clothes. Then I’ll dust off the wardrobe and sort the clothes into categories. Well, they’re already sorted in categories so less work for me yay! And finally I’ll return back the clothing into the wardrobe or maybe, a capital MAYBE, discard some of them out. Since right now is already 10 p.m., I’ll celebrate today’s victory tomorrow. I might go to the gym for a 5km run. 😊




Update: Okay, I did get rid of some of my clothes. Hahaha! I guess you can never have too many wardrobe declutter. 😅



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