girl talk | innisfree’s the green tea seed serum

I’ve been googling about the Korean 10 Steps Skincare Routine last month and decided that it is time for me to establish a skincare regime since I’m already in my 20s. Yikes! So one of the thing that that I recently add on is the use of serum. Again, I googled hi and lo for a good serum for my combination-to-oily skin since I find that most of the high ends serums are too oily for me (I’ve tried Estée Lauder, Lancóme, and Kiehl’s). So this time around, I don’t believe that the price would determine the compatibility of the serum to my skin.


I stumbled upon an InstaStory, where the girl I’m following literally swore by the Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum and what do you know, she has combination-to-oily skin too! So the next day, I drove myself to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, and bought myself The Green Tea Seed Serum from Innisfree. One thing for sure, it smells amazinggg! The smell reminds me of the infamous Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Scent perfume. Some of you might not like products with scent, I however, am okay with it as long as the scent isn’t too overpowering.




Another thing about this serum is it’s used before we put on the toner. It’s something to do with the serum’s ability to lock moisture in the skin. Oh! Let me reiterate again that I have combination-to-oily skin, so this serum is perfect for me since it’s light and not greasy. People with drier skin might have to add a more heavy moisturiser and essence. I use this product together with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream without an essence since pretty much the only essence that works on my skin is the SKII Pitera Essence but it is freaking expensive!! Maybe some day I’d be able to afford SKII haha. 😅  For now, the combination of serum and moisturiser is enough to provide my skin with hydration so I’m skipping essence from the Korean 10 Steps Skincare Routine.


The anti-oxidant moisturising serum claims to create a dewy and clear complexions. They also claim that the seed ingredients harvested from Jeju Island can intensively hold onto skin moisture and the natural hydrating betaine ingredient promotes moisture synthesis within skin layer. One thing that you should know about this brand is it is nature-based and the green tea used is organic.




The serum comes in a green pump dispenser bottle. I personally prefer this kind of dispenser as it is hygienic and travel-friendly (it comes with a dispenser cover to prevent spillage). The light weight serum is cooling and doesn’t feel tacky on application. It gets absorbed within seconds after it is applied too. My skin feels wonderfully hydrated! On days when I feel it is too hot, I would even skip the moisturiser, and it works just fine for me. 😊


I had two pimples on my face the week I started using the serum, and it definitely has dried up the pimples quicker than when I was not using the serum. This alone makes me sooo happy hahaha! The serum is watery and easy to blend. One pump is enough for me to cover my face and neck. Would I buy it again? I believe skincare in the 20s is more onto preventive care rather than anti-aging or elastic care. So for that, the serum suffices my goal. In the long run, when I’m near my 30s I may change to a more intense serum but right now, I’m content with using this one. 🎀






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