promise ring

Traditionally, promise rings are given from one partner to another to promise a future, to promise commitment, to promise that they have plans to one day propose. While I think this sentiment is very sweet (who doesn’t want shiny sparkly things?!), I recently felt inspired to buy one for myself instead.


And, noo.. I’m not one of those that’s going to marry themselves as some sort of retaliation against monogamy — I still do want to get married, some day. However, for the time being, I’m content with this ring that I pick out myself. It makes me happy. 😊


Processed with VSCO with e4 preset


This concept may sound strange to some, but after everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve accomplished, I think I want something to symbolise the strength which I’ve come to have so far. This ring serves as a reminder for me to take care of myself in my quest to stay committed to my goals, and most importantly, for me not to lose sight on what’s truly important to me. I keep the list of the promises in my journal so I won’t forget them.


I am really enjoying the thoughts of this promise ring being just about me and my commitment to myself, my dreams, and my goals. I know this is a strange concept especially to the Malay culture. However, I can’t help to be a tad bit curious, what promises would you make to yourself? 😊





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