headspace | screw this anxiety

I had enough succumbing myself to this anxiety. It has taken a lot from me — my academic, my school, my crush, my energy, my self-esteem. At least one of the thing that I’m grateful for is I don’t have any dependants when the anxiety is hitting me hard. I only have myself for me to worry about. I’m fighting this anxiety for myself. Not for anyone else. Because this is my life, and I only have this life to make my dreams a reality. I used to want to ‘old’ Nadirah back — the fun, exciting Nadirah. But now, I realise that I can create a better Nadirah — someone who’s confident, sexy, feminine, fun, exciting, and loving. 🎀


“Somewhere between what she survived, and who she was becoming was exactly where she was meant to be. She was starting to love the journey. And find the comfort in the wildest corners of her wildest dreams. They say people don’t change… Well, she wasn’t always this way. Even if she didn’t change the entire world, she would change her part of it. And she would affect the people she shared it with. A butterfly whose wings have been touched, can indeed still fly. Whether something was meant to be, or meant to leave, didn’t matter as much anymore. She would soak up the sun, kiss the breeze, and she would fly regardless.” – J. Raymond.



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