girl talk | kiehl’s midnight recovery eye cream

Hey everyone! 🎀 I’m starting a new series on my blog — girl talk. It’d be where I talk about all stuff girls like (I’m generalising here, obviously). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. ❤️


Although I have dark circles under my eyes, they’re not the biggest concern in my life. It has however become something that I make a point taking care of since I’m already 23 and I want to be wrinkle-free as long as I can. Hehe. 😜 I went to Kiehl’s in KLCC and bought myself the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream, which claims to work on 3 major concerns — puffiness, darkness, and prevention of fine lines. Eh, sound promising enough for me. But honestly I’m not expecting any miracle here, I just want something that hydrates my under eyes so I can prevent the appearance of wrinkles for as long as I can.




I have normal-to-oily skin so I asked the sales person at Kiehl’s for something light. He recommended the cream. It has a light lavender scent and a cooling effect that I somehow find it comforting. Being packaged in a tube is such a plus for me because it gives me more control on how much product I apply. The consistency is a bit on the creamy side but once it is applied to the skin, it blends like gel without leaving any residue — light and perfect! 😊 It leaves the under eyes smooth and silky-ish instead of feeling greasy. I usually dislike the smell of lavender as it can be tad overpowering. However, the cream has a light dreamy lavender smell that lingers for a few minutes. The smell isn’t strong, and it prepares me to sleep.




I use the cream at night by the way. I smear my under eyes with Shiseido’s Urban Environment UV Protection Cream during the day. It doesn’t sting my eyes or creates milia, so I guess it’s alright. You’ll need only tiny tiny amount of the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream for both eyes, so for a little tube, it really goes a long way. And it’s a plus since the it’s quite pricey. The product is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and silicone-free. The smell of lavender comes from the essential oil in the ingredients.


As I said, I don’t have high hopes for the product to significantly reduce my dark circles because hey let’s be honest, I study too much. Ain’t nobody got time for that how ever many hours of beauty sleep one has to get. It hydrates my under eyes, that’s for sure. In terms of reducing puffiness and dark circles, I would say it depends more on my lifestyle and sleeping pattern than the cream. The cream may help to reduce them but it doesn’t work overnight for me. I continuously use the cream so over time, my under eyes are better than before when I didn’t use any eye cream. In terms of fine lines, I’m only in my 20s guys. I don’t have much proof yet that this stuff actually works. I’ll get back to you when I’m in my 30s! 😜


I definitely will continue to use the tube since it serves me well so far. Haha! That’s one pros of having low expectations of a product. I looked for hydration and light texture, and the cream delivers well. Personally, I believe it is a nice moisturiser for the eyes and it suitable for teenagers and youth to prevent wrinkles development. If you’re looking for some serious stuff that significantly reduces wrinkles around the eyes, you may want to look for something that specifically catered the concern. 😊


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