little white lies

The truth about lying to your parents is, you have to do it to protect them. It’s for their own good. I’m talking about harmless, white lies here not the I-think-I-accidentally-ran-over-someone-with-your-car lie. I mean, take my own parents. If they knew the unvarnished truth about my finance/love life/social life, they’d have instant heart attacks and the doctor would ask, “Did anyone give them a terrible shock?” and it would all be my fault. See my logic?


I’m currently reading Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl so stuff has gone a bit morbid lately. She’s still funny though! 😆 …I totally forgot what I was going to write. Get it together, Nadirah. Oh! A few update on life. I broke my phone. I wish I’m joking but no. And this is not the crack-the-screen-pay-RM400-then-okay kind of accident. This is the need-to-replace-phone-asap kind of accident. *sigh* I was planning to buy the Sony alpha-5100 camera this year. I guess it’ll have to wait. 🙃 Let me tell you. My phone didn’t just broke, it was properly broke. Half of the LED screen turns black and unresponsive. Whilst writing this down, I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh. I might as well do both — caugh. I’m so funny guys, you should laugh.



Art from Pinterest.


There are so many other reasons to be happy. p/s I didn’t tell my parents about this, and I am not planning to. I think they can live well enough without knowing this tiny fact about me. 😅


A little update: I decided to stick with my old phone and fixed it up. It looks brand new now! 😆 I did tell my parent that my phone was broken when I went to fix it up (I really am the worst liar), however, I spared them the details on how much it costed and how broken the phone really was. 😅



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