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When I first diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, my GP suggested that I have a morning and night routine to help me look forward to the day and also to help me unwind in order to restore my sleeping pattern. Although it didn’t completely manage my anxiety and sleeping pattern, I still find that these routines to be useful. With my chaotic mind that time (more on this good news soon 😜), having a routine that I stick to everyday create a constant in my life that I can control.




Art from Pinterest.


This is two of the routines that I adopt. I also have routines for shower (when to wash hair, clean the sink, etc.) and exercise. But it’s really up to you to have how many routines you want in your life. 😉 I don’t put specific time for each activity, however, I do have a start time. And on top of that, I write down the estimate duration of each activity just because I want to tell my brain that the activity won’t take long. This helps me to avoid procrastination. Heh 😓.


Side notes:

  • I’m pretty flexible with my routines. I learn to not beat myself up if I don’t perfectly follow the routines.
  • Sometimes I even arrange the routine activities around so they can better fit my day.
  • Revision session is the time I allocate for studying. As much as it disappoints me, I don’t study for 3 hours straight! 😆
  • I plan my day on the day before. So if I have class at 8.00 a.m. the next morning, I’ll try to wake up around two hours early that morning so I can squeeze in breakfast and time taken to school as well.
  • The routines are not perfect, so try to be flexible enough to be able to manage them around. 😊


Morning Routine




Night Routine







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