girl boss | priyanka chopra

I watched a Youtube video on Priyanka Chopra's Top Ten Rules for Success. She is AMAZINGGG!! So I decided to write down the points from the video for those of you who are too lazy to watch it (is there even such thing? 😛). Oh well. . Set goal for yourself. "I don't want to [...]


headspace | taking my time

I had a talk with crush yesterday. We talk about stuff, fun stuff. Then he asked me about how I am doing with the therapy. And again he told me his usual thing where he said it'd be good if I take most of the year off. Right then, I had enough.   Goodness, guys. I'm [...]

headspace | screw this anxiety

I had enough succumbing myself to this anxiety. It has taken a lot from me -- my academic, my school, my crush, my energy, my self-esteem. At least one of the thing that I'm grateful for is I don't have any dependants when the anxiety is hitting me hard. I only have myself for me to [...]


girl talk | kiehl’s midnight recovery eye cream

Hey everyone! 🎀 I'm starting a new series on my blog -- girl talk. It'd be where I talk about all stuff girls like (I'm generalising here, obviously). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. ❤️ . Although I have dark circles under my eyes, they're not the biggest [...]


little white lies

The truth about lying to your parents is, you have to do it to protect them. It's for their own good. I'm talking about harmless, white lies here not the I-think-I-accidentally-ran-over-someone-with-your-car lie. I mean, take my own parents. If they knew the unvarnished truth about my finance/love life/social life, they'd have instant heart attacks and [...]


simplify your life challenge | the lowdown

I binge-watched MuchelleB YouTube videos last night and I'm inspired to take the 30 day simplify your life challenge. The challenge is all about minimising, decluttering our physical and mental space. I think it would be useful for the anxiety that I'm having and also it'd help me shop less (I hope so!). I've always [...]



Had a talk with Dad a few months back. He told me that everyone at any time in life would have their gut punched by life. It doesn't matter how much life beats you, your response to it is what builds a character. Most women can probably agree that they enjoy being independent, self-assured, as well as mentally [...]