still here guys

Heyya it’s been such a long time since I last updated the entries!! I want to take a rest from writing about the EMDR posts right now. There’s only one entry left to the series, but I can’t find myself to finish writing it. 😝


This morning I went to watch Beauty and the Beast (finally!) in GSC. And oh my Godddd you guyss… The film’s great or what? Found myself falling for the beast over and over again. However, as soon after he turned into a prince again I was just…meh. The prince was super handsome, of course. But I guess I like the beast better. I think I like animals a tad too much.



Art from Google.


The orchestra, the musical, the cinematography – everything was just perfect. As soon as the credits went up, I told my sister that I’d be watching this film again in 3D. Emma Watson played Belle soo well. 🎀 Three of my all-time favourite actresses are Emma Thompson, Julie Andrews, and also Meryl Streep. I didn’t know that Emma Thompson was going to be in the film, so it was a pleasant surprise. If you haven’t watched the film, go and watch ittt!! 😊




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