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When I was deeply depressed a few months ago, I experience significant anhedonia. I didn’t look forward to anything. Previous to the episode, I was a girl with a lot of interests. I look forward to learn new things. But then, I just want to disappear. I saw no point in everything. I wanted to simply vanished.


Wow. I’m being awfully honest here.


Soo.. I had the idea to make a gratitude list. I’m sure there are others who thought of this list before I do, but that’s not the point. Basically, I give myself a task to write at least one thing that makes me grateful for the day. And, my goodness. Can I say, I didn’t realise at the time I started this list on how much it would affect my mood positively! I recommend this list to anyone really. Usually I type it in just before bed so I could reflect back on the day, but you do what works for you. And if you forget to fill it in for that day, don’t stress. Just write it down the day after when you remember about it, or if you really forget what happened on that day, just leave it blank. 😉


Here’s a few snippets of mine.







(Mak/Mum and Abah/Dad are the same people)


You know, if I could reverse time, I would tell myself to start this blog then and document all the feelings and thoughts that I experienced. The failed treatments. The false hopes. The disappointments. All of it, whilst keeping on living and strive for my dreams. 🎀 If you’re feeling low as you’re reading this and thought that my experience isn’t that severe, don’t forget that it’s been three years since I was officially diagnosed with GAD. And it’s been around five years since my anxiety escalated like crazy. My point is, we’ll get there. I’m still learning to manage the attacks. But we’ll get there. 😊



Art from FionaChilds.com.


p/s It’s amazing how now I can use past tense for the depression episode that I had! 🎀




3 thoughts on “headspace | gratitude

  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s a great idea to write down something that you’re thankful for each day. I’ve tried to do this in the past, but I haven’t been successful…it’s difficult to find the motivation. But maybe I can try again. 🙂

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