headspace | gratitude

When I was deeply depressed a few months ago, I experience significant anhedonia. I didn't look forward to anything. Previous to the episode, I was a girl with a lot of interests. I look forward to learn new things. But then, I just want to disappear. I saw no point in everything. I wanted to [...]


still here guys

Heyya it's been such a long time since I last updated the entries!! I want to take a rest from writing about the EMDR posts right now. There's only one entry left to the series, but I can't find myself to finish writing it. 😝   This morning I went to watch Beauty and the Beast [...]

headspace | emdr: patient’s perspective [part three]

Hey guysss.. ❤️ I had my real first EMDR session last Wednesday, and boy was it tiring! I drove back to Melaka right after the session, and had been sleep-wake up-eat-sleep for two days after, much to my psychiatrist disappointment since he told me to exercise more. Hehe. Oh well, exercise can wait. But seriously, if [...]


headspace | jitters

I'll be having my third EMDR therapy tomorrow. It's the first actual EMDR session, and I'm getting jitters. This is just a post where I ramble about the jitters. Soo.. this may be a tad bit boring. 😅   Art from Google.   Nadirah, you're doing this for yourself. This is your life, and you have to [...]


headspace | emdr: patient’s perspective [part two]

Here is the [part one] of the series. Whilst writing this entry, I'm not in the best of mood. I don't know whether I am annoyed or angry or am I feeling betrayed? Whatever it is, I am aware that there's quite a big chance that this lovely brain of mine is freaking out and exaggerating [...]


just meh

I'm feeling quite good today....until just now. Now, I'm feeling meh. Just meh. . .


sick day food

I've lived away from home since I was 13 (more or less). I find it interesting that I get sick a lot more when I'm away, most probably because I didn't take care of myself enough especially in regards to meals. 😅 *teammalasmasak*   Whenever I'm sick, I always long for porridge. Chicken porridge to [...]