fingers itch

Oh. My. God. I haven’t written anything in a couple of days, and my fingers just itch to type something out. Even though it’ll most probably come out as some crap writing. πŸ˜‚ So, let me google something interesting to write about. (I really don’t have any idea and plan on what to write guys)


Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 4.18.40 pm.png


Oh btw,Β the card holder I ordered last week had to be returned back to the store because the sales assistant got the colour wrong. πŸ˜• I wanted pale pink with gold monogram, he gave me beige with gold monogram instead. Very different, okay. Oh well, at least that’s sorted. 😊


The results on google aren’t helping. Why on earth would I want to post my CV online?! Okay.. I found one that’s pretty interesting. I’ll see you on the next post! (Told you this entry would be crappy) 😝




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