anti-bucket list

So this entry is going to be about the things I hope to never do before I die, hence, anti-bucket list. Get it get it get it? 😆


1. Go to a haunted house – Haha. No. Never.



Art from Pinterest.


2. Jump off a cliff – Gila apa?! A little fun fact, I’m afraid of heights. But I do a lot of hiking, wall climbing, all those ‘extreme’ sports growing up. I do get nervous with heights still, but it’s better now. I’d be nervous (very) but I’d still do the activities (with lots of whining).



Art from Pinterest.


Here’s a funny story. A few years ago, crush asked me out on a date. I know! Someone actually looked passed through the fact that I’m an idiot and asked me out. 😂 If there’s hope for me, there’s hope for all the girls out there. *nods determinedly* Okay, tbh. I don’t know if it’s a date or not. Whatever. I think it’s a date, so it’s a date. 😒


I was told that we’re going to a waterfall to chase the sunrise. I thought it was a great idea. So we drove veryy early in the morning to the place. I didn’t google the place beforehand (not very smart), so I only realize how tall the waterfall is when we reached the place, after sunrise. It is veryyy tall. I was shaking when we took pictures together with the waterfall at the picture-taking-spot place at the end of the cliff. (not attractive at all)


And guys, I was wearing a pair of training shoes, jeans and a checkered shirt. I was not dressed for extreme hiking! 😂 Neither was he, I think. But oh well, we’re already there. Carpe diem.  The climb down to the waterfall was very steeeeep.. Weh ini bukan Broga Hill punya hiking okay. I almost cried out of the fear of the height. But I mental-slapped myself to get my crap together and act cool. Steep climbing? That’s nothing. Australia’s highest waterfall? Ahh, easy stuff. *blows nails* Bahahaha!!


I muttered stuff in my head like,

“Nadirah, stay cool.”

“Nadirah, don’t embarrass yourself.”

“Nadirah, tho he might not think that this is a date, it is.”


I didn’t realize I muttered it out loud when I said, “Well, this is attractive.” (I’m talking about myself of course) to which he replied with “hmm?”, a smile, and a sorry-I-didn’t-hear-you-can-you-repeat-that-again face.


To which I replied with, “Nothing. Just promise me not to die okay. Because for the life of me, I can’t climb this thing alone.”



Art from Pinterest.


It was a fun day out nevertheless. 😁 We talked a lot, I’m pretty sure we were talking non-stop the whole journey. Or did I do all of the talking? Hm. We had sushi on the way back, and I slept for 6-hours when I reached home. #ireallyneedtogetfitagain


3. Stop learning – The one common thing that I find very unattractive in people is when they stop learning. Very unattractive. How can one stop learning when there’s a lot to this interesting world, I really can’t understand. There are a lot of things we can improve about ourselves. God forbids I’d ever want to stop learning.


4. Join a gang – I have to be honest here. When I was a child, I used to think that being a gang member is quite cool. (not kidding) I wanted to join not just any gang, but.. an all-girls gang. How cool was that? We would do our hair together, play Pokémon together, do our nails together, go shopping together, etc. Of course years after, I realized that that’s not what gangs do. *avoids eye contact* 🙈



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