saving my last bit of youth

I’ve been ranting about how little sleep I get right? Sooo.. Yesterday, I had a scare. When I was laying around begging myself to fall asleep, I realised that getting very little sleep may speed up my ageing process!! Oh. My. God. *face palm*


Choi. Shoo wrinkle, shoo!


So I jumped out of bed, wash my face before I grabbed the nearest face mask on the dressing table. And, I smothered it on my face. Literally, SMOTHERED. 😂 Still couldn’t fall asleep until 4ish tho, but well, at least my skin had some hydration. Hehe.




Oh, here’s an on the social media detox challenge I took on last week. I think I somewhat did it. However, I wasn’t perfect. I forgot about the challenge during the first two days. I didn’t go totally off Instagram on day 4 (I sneaked in a less-than-5-minutes scroll). And.. I didn’t do day 5, 6, and 7.


Before you ask, “What do you mean ‘you somewhat did it’ when you didn’t manage to do half of the 7-days challenge?!” Hehehe. 🙈 My goal when I took challenge was never to go totally off the radar. I wanted to reduce the time I spend on my phone, iPad, and computer. So during the week I only went on Facebook for 4-5 times (less than 10 minutes each time), significantly cut my time spent on Instagram (probably by 50-60%), and I didn’t upload anything on Snapchat. Well, I think I should give myself a pat on the head for being this disciplined! 😆



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