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Hm.. I’ve been thinking about doing a social media detox lately. It helps too when I read Yasmin’s Facebook post about how she feels more liberated after deleting her Instagram account. Hm.. How curious.


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I’ve been wanting to delete my Facebook account for a little over a year now. However… I have friends there whom I only connect via Facebook Messenger 😕 If I delete my Facebook account, I might lose in touch with my former classmates, childhood friends etc for.. forever? It doesn’t help that most of the student reps would get in touch with the students via Facebook too. *sigh*


So, deleting Facebook? Maybe not.


Instagram? Haish. But but buttt… I want to watch Vivy Yusof’s Instastory thooo 😩


Snapchat? That’s the ONLY one thing that connects me and my crush together (my ears are hot writing this sentence, but he probably won’t ever find this anyway. So it’s okay 🙈). Well, maybe not the ONLY thing that connects us. But if I delete Snapchat, how else am I going to know that he stalks sees what I post??


Do you guys understand how difficult social media detox is for me now?


Deleting Snapchat or Instagram? Maybe not.


However, I know and understand that I need to do this detox thing in order to keep my sanity. It’s all a part of healing myself from this anxiety. What should I dooo… *whimpers*



Arts from Pinterest


Guys, since I know that I’m practically talking/writing to an invisible crowd (I’m not THAT crazy y’know 🙄), I googled some stuff about social media detox while writing this post. And.. Look what I found!



Art from theblissfulmind.com


This looks doable. I have unsubscribed, unfriended and unfollowed people since last night. So I might start with Day Two tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes! 😊



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