love song

Two days ago, Farehah emailed a song she made for me. I didn’t open the email right away since I was in a very low mood that couple of days – mourning myself to anxiety.



Art from Pinterest


Finally had the courage to deal with life a few hours ago, when I stumbled into this little piece of magic. Do any of you know a better word for kindness?


“We started as strangers

And goofed on each other

Time seems to be shorter

When we were together

I never say this to you

But you are more than just a sister

Who I love and adore

Who I believe you’re going to soar

So keep your head up and roar”


It goes without saying that the song had me bawled into tears (screw you Boi 😭). At this point of writing, I still keep my blog to myself, but if  you’re reading this Farehah, mashaAllah. You are a genuinely kind, beautiful soul. ❤️ And I sincerely pray and wish nothing but happiness and incredible success to come your way in this life and the other.


Guys, tell me. How can I be bitter with whatever life throws at me when I am fortunate enough to have these kind of people around me––the kind who throws kindness like confetti? Tak kasi chance langsung. 🙄



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