can you keep a secret

When I was little, I didn’t like reading books. I prefer watching cartoons. Mum used to tell me that people who don’t read won’t succeed in life. Didn’t work on me (can always marry some rich guy what). But it was not until years later she somehow brainwashed me into thinking that people who don’t read, are very unattractive. 🙄 (ain’t nobody want to be unattractive)


So I began reading. If I’m not mistaken, Detective Conan and Doraemon were my first books. What, comics are books too okay. Don’t discriminate.


Then, Harry Potter franchise became a huge thing when I was growing up. I asked my parents to buy me all of the books in English AND Malay, and pretend that I read them. 😆 Still haven’t finished reading them. I only read the first, middle, and last few chapters to get the gist of what’s going on. When my friends in school talked about the latest Harry Potter books, I remember nodding along and agreeing to whatever they were saying. Need to blend in with the cool kids okay!


From then onwards, I started reading books – from a genre to another genre. I really took the time with my baby steps! Hehe. Now, I can finally say, “Yes, I read.” without crossing fingers.



Art by BookBub Blog.


Anyhow, I just finished reading Sophie Kinsella’s “Can You Keep a Secret?” some time last month. This was the latest reading that I finished because you know, reading fictional romantic comedy is much more fun, which makes it quicker to finish, than reading all the other non-fictional books I have on my yet-to-read table top.


The thing I like so much about Emma, like any other Sophie Kinsella’s lead characters, is that she is sooo relatable. Imperfect, in the dorkiest way possible, but still manage to have a happy ending. *sigh* I’m actually a five-year-old still living in her fairy tale, guys.


Here’s one of the things that I relate so much when reading the book.

“Oh God. I’m losing it. Everyone knows this is how criminals get caught. They add too many details and trip themselves up.”


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