headspace | it will pass

"Will I ever feel 'normal' again?" "Will I ever get over these excessive worrying?" "Will I ever get to sleep at night?" "Will I ever not cry myself to sleep?" . That's the questions that have been popping in my mind lately. I've been diagnosed with severe generalised anxiety disorder for about three years now. [...]

detox update

Um, guys. The detox project hasn't been going well. 😓 I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to stay away from social mediaaa!! I promise it wasn't intentional. . Art by InspirationalQuotesMagazine.com . *sigh* Never give up, Nadirah! 😊 . .

love song

Two days ago, Farehah emailed a song she made for me. I didn't open the email right away since I was in a very low mood that couple of days - mourning myself to anxiety. . Art from Pinterest . Finally had the courage to deal with life a few hours ago, when I stumbled into this [...]

rock bottom

Art by InspirationalQuotesMagazine.com . As cheesy as it may sound (we know I don't do cheesy 😝), know that when you feel you've hit rock bottom, the only place you can go from there is up. Keep going... It's going to get better. Keep working hard. Stay determined to push past the rocks and make [...]

can you keep a secret

When I was little, I didn't like reading books. I prefer watching cartoons. Mum used to tell me that people who don't read won't succeed in life. Didn't work on me (can always marry some rich guy what). But it was not until years later she somehow brainwashed me into thinking that people who don't read, [...]

headspace | walls [part one]

"I want you to stop taking the medication." "I'm worried about your future." "Have you done this..that..what about this." "It's all on your head." . Please stop. Please. I understand that people are trying to help. However, worrying about someone with generalised anxiety disorder and letting her know that you're "worrying" about her future and pummel her with all [...]

have faith

Art by InspirationalQuotesMagazine.com . There will be times in life when you just want to give up, don't. Just give it one more chance - another push. There will be times in life where you'd compare yourself to others, don't. Have faith in your journey and keep going (even if you have to literally drag yourself [...]

starts with you

  Art by InspirationalQuotesMagazine.com . One principle that is pivotal for me since I was in primary school is, "whenever things turn bad, never put the blame on others". That'll only give a ridiculous amount of power to people who don't even matter. There's always something in ourselves that we can learn and improve from [...]